10 Fun Facts About Me!

Now that I’m nearing 50 posts on this blog, I figured it was about time you met the woman behind the words! Here’s a quick getting to know me session!

1.  I’m 24 years old, turning 25 in June.

2. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

3. My favourite colour is green, but I pretty much only wear black clothing.

4. I don’t wear any jewellery except my watch.

5. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde,  but I’ve dyed it a dozen colours over the years!

6. I have a Bachelor of Arts – Journalism degree.

7. I am obsessed with burgers. If you ever want a burger recommendation in Melbourne – I’m your girl.

8. I have one tattoo on my wrist – a lightning bolt. It has a lot of meanings & inspires me.

9. I am an avid list-maker. I have a Kate Spade personal planner that I take everywhere with me, a blog notebook, as well as all my study notebooks!

10. I’m in the middle of studying a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration. Not really sure what I want to do in the future, but I’m hoping study will open my eyes to the possibilities!


Say ‘hi’! Don’t be shy!

Wonderland Darling

Fabulous Five Friday.

As I’ve embraced a more minimal and industrial aesthetic as my personal style, I’ve become more and more attracted to natural materials and textures. I desperately searched for a rattan lounge or peacock chair for cheap online, but Boy vetoed my idea of putting one on the balcony. This week’s Fab Five Friday is dedicated to wicker and rattan, or as he called it: ‘Old People Furniture’.

Fab Five Friday - Basket Case.png

#1.  Coronado Rattan Dining Chair, $229.95, from Zanui

#2.  Peacock Chair – Natural, $795, from Family Love Tree

#3. Round Table Mat, $8.95, from H&M

#4.  Wicker Table Lamp, $129, from Freedom

#5.  Hanging Basket – Natural, $399, from Naturally Rattan

[Note: This is not a paid post. These items are included as part of my own opinion & choices]

Wonderland Darling

Study Update.

Today’s post is just a small one – giving you all an update on my study!

I’m almost at the end of my first ‘Semester’ of online study, which has gone really well! Especially when you factor in starting my new job & working on the house . I’ve completed two assignments so far & have successful passed both of them!

I’m normally a fairly organised person, but getting back into study has made me dust off some old organisation tricks that I haven’t used in a while. I always have my Kate Spade planner on hand to organise my time & factor in work hours between my two jobs, classes, catch up study as well as time with friends & family [you know, to keep sane]. I also have a monthly calendar that I colour code with activities – which is easier to read at a glance than my planner.

image1 (1).JPG

Overall, my favourite part of getting back into study is the fact I’m learning something I already have a natural passion/inclination for. Makes it much easier to focus on study and stay so motivated, which is a huge part of online study. Getting back into drawing & sketching has been really exciting.



Wonderland Darling

Fabulous Five Friday.

I love to entertain. I may not be the best hostess or even the best cook, but I love to have people over. I especially love throwing parties, especially themed ones.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to have many people over since moving into the new apartment, since we have no place for them to sit, let alone eat! This week’s Fabulous Five Friday are dedicated to some beautiful & practical dining settings, all under $1000!

Fabulous Five Friday - Dining Sets.png

#1.  Brandon 5 Piece Dining Package, $999, from Freedom

#2.  Sven SettingSven SettingSven Setting, $299, from Super Amart

#3. Geo Five Piece Dining Set, $99, from Fantastic Furniture

#4.  Retro 7 Piece Dining Set, $799, from Fantastic Furniture

#5.  REplica Eames Dining Set, $538, from Temple & Webster

[Note: This is not a paid post. These items are included as part of my own opinion & choices]

Wonderland Darling


I know that disclosure is a really important part of being a blogger or writer. Depending on the sort of relationship you want to have with your readers & the way you want your readers to view you, being honest & upfront is crucial. At least, that’s the sort of writer I want to be.

So, in light of that, I have some news to share: I recently started working at IKEA!

This is really exciting & awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s motherflipping IKEA
  2. It’s part time, so I have guaranteed hours while I study [read: I can actually plan my bills & budget]
  3. It’s an amazing opportunity & will go hand in hand with my course
  4. I spend all day talking about furniture!

I haven’t mentioned this before because it’s only recently happened! I didn’t want to mention anything while I was going through the interview phase in case it didn’t work out, but now that I’m into my second week there, I think it’s pretty safe.

More importantly: I wanted to share this news with you, my readers, because I think it’s important that you know. I have mentioned IKEA products in my blog posts before & chances are I will mention them again in the future [they make beautiful, clever things & they’re so damn cheap, it’s basically my spirit animal]. But I want you to know that, moving forward, any mention of IKEA products will be genuine. Those products will have been selected because they are right for the aesthetic or the story. I will show no favoritism.  Rest assured, that no preferential treatment will be given.

But really, the most important thing about all of this:

How cute do I look in my uniform?!?!

Wonderland Darling

Motivation Music.

kaboompics.com_White and modern earphones on a desk.jpg

Today is an exciting day! It’s officially the first day of my online Interior Design course! I’ve been so excited to get it under way [so excited that I’ve pre-printed all my weekly readings & started notes for the first three weeks…. NERD].

One thing that I learnt from my first stint at University is that everyone studies differently & it is important to know how you study. I discovered after a few months at University that I don’t like to study in complete silence. If I was on campus I would usually head to the quiet study area of the library so I had a small amount of background noise, but it was minimal. If I was at home, I would play music or marathon a TV show that I wasn’t hugely invested in [Gossip Girl, I’m looking at you] so I could tune in & out as I pleased.

Before I get into the depths of this course & all my assessments are due, I thought I’d share some of my favourite sounds & music for staying motivated!

Essay Writing

For writing essays, I like something that isn’t too distracting and will allow my mind free to construct arguments and sentences. Instrumentals work a treat because they lack lyrics! I highly recommend film soundtracks, especially supernatural or fantasy – The Hobbit, Skyrim & Harry Potter are my favourites!

If you’re looking for something more atmospheric, I cannot suggest RainyMood enough: it’s a website that creates endless mixes of rain and thunder. I find it amazingly therapeutic, for studying or even just nights when I can’t sleep. If you’re after something a bit more homely, check out AmbientMixer’s Gryffindor Common Room mix – think crackling fire, the turning of heavy parchment, a cup of tea being slowly stirred.


For lighter studying duties, something with a bit of noise is perfect. Binge watch a TV show you’ve always wanted to see but can’t quite commit to. Listen to some jazz like Miles Davis or Grant Green. I also recommend Podcasts, if you’d like something a bit more engaging. Hamish & Andy provide some decent giggles or even something informative, like Lore.

Motivational Music

Sometimes you need something with a bit of pep to make you want to boogie your way through work. Whether it’s cleaning, doing the laundry or studying, this is a list of all my guilty pleasure songs that might do the trick.

Playlist Image.png

Hopefully you find some inspiration for your next task or endeavour!

What are some of your guilty pleasure songs that make you want to get up & get stuff done?

Do you have a favourite podcast/ soundtrack/playlist?

Wonderland Darling

DIY: Under $20 Grid Board.

With my course start date fast approaching, the study is my main focus in terms of ‘Rooms to Complete’. For Valentines Day, Boy & I went on an IKEA date & bought our matching desks & chairs. A few additional trips to Kmart, some styling sessions & it’s almost there!

But one thing I have been lusting after in my study is an organisation grid. These things have been all over Instagram & Pinterest lately. Needless to say, I am obsessed.

Beautiful Grid Board by H&G Designs.

I was over the moon when H&G Designs announced their own Grid Board! Sadly, their price point is a little out of reach for a lowly student such as myself.

So, one afternoon while roaming the isles of Bunnings’ garden section, inspiration struck!

Here’s how I made my own – for less than $20!

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